Automotive lighting is one of the most important factors in driving automobiles, especially at night. Not only it helps us to see clearly at night but it’s an important media to make other drivers or pedestrian to know our vehicle’s presence.

With good quality of lighting, it increases safety factor in daily driving, whether it’s day or night. As we can see, a lot of vehicles nowadays are still lacking of good quality of lighting and most of them are mid-to-low end vehicles. While some of the premium cars produced are using HID Projectors and LED Headlights (which are much brighter than halogen), a lot still using a halogen based headlights, which are not good enough in our opinion in driving at night.

And here we are providing choices for you, our valuable customers, to improve your vehicles’ lighting whether those are mid to low end vehicles or premium automobiles. From HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights, projectors, LED (Light-Emitting Diode), Daytime Running Lights (DRL) to HEADLIGHTS CUSTOMIZATION, we have them all, giving your cars better quality of lighting and improving how your cars look. So for more details on the products & services we offer, please read the list of descriptions below! Thank you!

Projectors Retrofit

Retrofitting is the process of installing a xenon or bi-xenon projector into a halogen based headlights’ reflector.

We provide HID lights for projectors that brighten up almost 3 times brighter than halogen lights and since the projector contols the light into a non-glaring & wider pattern, also it will control the light to be properly dispersed. Projector upgrade is the best upgrade to your headlights possible.

Angel Eyes / Orb Rings

Inspired by the OEM BMW Headlights which is the pioneer of the “Angel Eyes / Halo” headlights, we provide different specifications and sizes for all vehicles makes and models.

It comes with different colors to satisfy our customers demand and taste, usually we have white, red and blue colors, also you can choose between two choices for your angel eyes : LED or CCFL Neon according to your preferences and your budget. So what are you waiting for? For stocks and colors of your car models, please don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries!

Demon Eyes

The Demon Eyes consist of heat resistance lights placed inside the projector lens strategically so they do not affect the output of the main headlights.

For colors preferences we have in stock for RED and BLUE colors, for any other colors please kindly contact us through phone calls / SMS / What’s App / E-mail or any other communication line we have in the “CONTACT US” page.

LED Headlights DRL (Daytime Running Lights)

Our shop has plenty models of DRL for your car headlights, from the flexible LED Bars to the dots LED DRL, some are two ways which means it has a module that can make the DRL turns yellow when the turning lights is on.

This kind of DRL is commonly used by Audi headlights, and now we can apply this kind of DRL to any car models according to the headlights and your preferences. Drive safer at daytime with style using our Headlights DRL!

LED DRL (Daytime Running Lights)

For those who demand a pair DRL on their cars (commonly placed on the front bumper), different kinds of DRL models available in our shop.

Custom Paint / Carbon Printing

In order to give a “meaner look” to your car, we can paint your headlights housing according to your taste and preferences, also available carbon pattern for your headlights by using hydro-printing technology (it would take a few days).

Headlights Restoration / Recondition

Due to the climate and weather in South East Asia, a lot of headlights can be stained, faded & dull. Restoration must be done in order to give the clear sight at night and to give maximum output of light possible. So if you have problems with your headlights condition, don’t hesitate to get a consultation with us.

Aftermarket Headlights / Tail Lights

Besides customizing headlights, we also offer aftermarket headlights and tail lights by order. For more information about the availability of variety of models for any type of vehicle, please kindly contact us.